i'm millie

my story

my story

I'm a born and raised San Diego native and social media enthusiast with a zeal for helping others grow their online presence through confidence and creativity. All because I believe you deserve to live the life of your dreams.

Have you ever had that feeling deep down inside of you that you were meant for greatness? 

It feels impossible to explain to others without worrying you'll "sound crazy" but there's a thought that keeps you up at night knowing you were meant for something more. The creative gears in your brain just keep turning and yearning for an outlet but with your multi-passionate heart, you have no idea where to start or which direction to take so you stay frozen. 


Although I had dropped out of college after enduring an injury that took a full year to heal I was determined to "make it" in the business world. I started as a seasonal employee of a call center and after five years of hard work, dedication...and a little bit of stubbornness, I had made it. I worked my way up to Project Manager at my "big girl" job working directly under the CEO. I was full-time, receiving benefits, and my paycheck was generous considering the high cost of living in California. 

Yet every night when I would lay in bed, I'd get that feeling in my gut...this isn't it. I was made for something more! But what would do I even do!?!? Where do I start?

I know what it takes to balance a 9-5 while trying to grow your brand into a profitable business from the ground up. 

I thought I had it all.

It can feel impossible to stay up to date with the latest strategies and trends on social media. It can feel overwhelming trying to balance "all the things" in order to grow your online presence.

That's where I come in.

With my hybrid style of vibrant creativity and applying the concepts I've learned in Project Management, I've been able to:

→  Leave my 9-5 corporate job
→  Build an online presence and business that has fully replaced my corporate income
→ Work with brands like Forever21, BulletProof Coffee, Neutrogena, Target, Courtyard Marriot, and more.
→ Gain over 10,000 followers in one month on Instagram
→ Help others land hotel stays and paid collaborations while having under 10k followers
→ Spend more time working on my mental health and being with my family, friends, and people I love. 

Believe it or not, running a successful business doesn’t have to be confusing and complicated—I'm here to provide you with totally comprehensible guides, resources, and step-by-step courses so that you can follow your joy and THRIVE in this ever-evolving online business world.

IT IS POSSIBLE to make your dreams a reality.

fun facts

fun facts

I'm a true crime geek!

 I'm absolutely fascinated by anything and everything true crime or conspiracy. You'll find me gravitating towards podcasts like Crime Junkie, Moms and Murder before I listen to an entrepreneur podcast.

I've been a creator on Youtube for 10 years.

My brother and I used to have a YouTube channel together for seven years before he pursued a different passion. I started my own channel three years ago and it was terrifying.

I went to school for dance.

I was on a dance scholarship b after I got injured, my doctor told me I couldn't dance anymore which meant I would lose my scholarship and forcing me to drop out of school. IT'S OKAY! Everything happens for a reason!

I met my husband on IG.

Sliding into those DM's isn't always a bad thing ;)