Hi There -

I'm Millie

My road to entrepreneurship has not been all sunshine and rainbows. In fact, I never thought of being a full-time content creator running my own business, which makes me a firm believer in the old saying ‘everything happens for a reason’.

I was going to school full-time as a college student, working to get my teaching degree and loving it.

Until I endured an pretty intense injury which the doctors said they didn’t know how long it would take to heal. I was forced to drop out of college and get a low-impact desk job for my recovery journey.

Experiencing this sudden change was dream-crushing, but I told myself I wasn’t going to give up and would work my butt off wherever I landed.

Five years go by and I’m working for a corporation that I genuinely enjoy, I love my co-workers and I feel like “I had made it”.

I worked my way up to a Project Manager working directly under the CEO. I was full-time, receiving benefits, and my paycheck was generous considering California's high cost of living. 

Yet every night when I lay in bed, I'd get that feeling in my gut...this isn't it. I was made for something more! I missed teaching and creating, but what would I even do? 

That’s when I started to turn my creative itch to social media, yes while balancing my 9-5!


It can feel impossible to stay up to date with the latest strategies and trends on social media. It can feel overwhelming trying to balance "all the things" in order to grow your online presence.

That's where I come in.

With my hybrid style of vibrant creativity and applying the concepts I've learned in Project Management, I've been able to:

→ Leave my 9-5 corporate job
→ Build an online presence and business that has fully replaced my corporate income
→ Work with brands like Nikon, Forever21, BulletProof Coffee, Neutrogena, Target, Courtyard Marriot, and more
→ Gain over 10,000 followers in one month on Instagram
→ Help others land hotel stays and paid collaborations while having under 10k followers
→ Spend more time working on my mental health and being with my family, friends, and people I love. 

Believe it or not, running a successful business doesn’t have to be confusing and complicated—I'm here to provide you with totally comprehensible guides, resources, and step-by-step courses so that you can follow your joy and THRIVE in this ever-evolving online business world.

IT IS POSSIBLE to make your dreams a reality.

Let’s rewind back the clock....,

a few fun facts 

My first YouTube channel lasted for 10 years and it was a shared channel with my little brother!

My husband and I met through Instagram! Classic case of sliding in the DM’s

In my free time, I love reading. I’ve been a Book of the Month subscriber for over two years and getting my monthly book in the mail is my favorite part of each month.

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