"Everything I learned from her was simple yet profound."

"Millie’s shared knowledge and experience has been an absolute game changer in helping me get started with UGC. It saved me a lot of wasted time and confusion as I learned how to navigate the UGC space with ZERO prior experience. It also gave me confidence in being able to market my services to brands because I really feel like I know what I’m doing now and know how to charge my worth!”


Take a Peek Inside the UGC Creator Bundle

Brand and Partnership Hub: The all-in-one solution for organizing and tracking your brand pitches while managing your active partnerships. 

Content Calendar: The go-to place for planning, creating, and organizing your content. 

Task List: Combine all of your brand, content, personal-related, and even drag-and-drop email-tasks tasks in one comprehensive, structured task list.

Invoice and Finance Tracker: Create, send, and track your invoices directly inside Notion so you can get paid with ease.  

Millie's Resource Hub: Access to everything you need to guarantee your success as a UGC Creator, including websites, contracts, checklists, glossaries, and plug-and-play templates.   

This dashboard is built inside Notion, the only tool you’ll need as a UGC Creator - and the best part, using Notion is completely free! 

Get access to 10+ Highly Valuable UGC resources, including:

5 DM and Email Pitch Templates to present your pitch in the most effective way possible.


Rate Calculator for organic and paid content.


Portfolio Template for showcasing your best work to potential clients.


Financial Tracker and Invoice Template to stay on top of getting paid.


Contract Checklist to ensure your work is protected. 


Gear List of my top gadgets for elevating your content creation.


Content Creator Glossary to help you understand the lingo. 


Inspiration Board for storing and organizing your bursts of creativity and concepts.


List of Third-Party Platforms you can use to find paid UGC jobs.


50 Content Hooks to capture attention and spark interest.


PLUS: A video training from Millie teaching you how to use the Notion dashboard so you can dive in, get creating, and get organized without the overwhelm.


Essential Content Creation Tools List for enhancing your UGC business.

Financial Tracker & Invoice Template

50 Content Hooks

Gear List

The top gadgets to elevate your content creation.

Capture attention and spark interest by using these hooks in your content.

This will help you stay on top of your business finances & getting paid.

A peek at some of the top resources!

With the Ultimate UGC Creator Bundle,
you’ll be able to:

Streamline your pitching and partnership management process so you can focus on creating unique content and building and nurturing your brand relationships. 

Plan, organize, and schedule your UGC content from the initial idea stage to publication.

See all of your to-dos in one place, including your brand follow-ups, content creation, and personal task list.

Utilize 10 UGC-specific resources to help you connect with brands and pitch with ease, create stand-out content, and feel knowledgeable and confident in growing your UGC Creator business. 

Get access now ⟶

Get to know notion

Why Notion?

Notion’s flexibility and customization are unmatched. The app allows us to create the only complete program for UGC creators that is visually appealing and easy to use, even if you aren’t tech-savvy. This dashboard is just the tip of the iceberg - you can manage your entire business (and even life) inside Notion! 

Do I need a paid plan for Notion to utilize the bundle?

No, you can utilize everything in this bundle on a free plan.

Do I need to be a Notion expert to get the best use of this dashboard?

Absolutely not! If you have never used Notion before, there will be a period of learning the platform, but we include a detailed training video covering everything you need to know. Plus, the best and easiest way to learn a new tool is by diving in and actually using the platform! 

Can I customize the Dashboard to my brand colors?

Yes, we encourage it! The entire dashboard is completely customizable. When you join the UGC Creator Bundle, go to Resources, and click on Notion Design & Customization for a walkthrough of how to customize your dashboard.

And it’s my unshakeable belief that you deserve to pursue what brings you JOY.

I'm an online educator and YouTuber with an audience of over 650,000+ people world-wide. I teach aspiring content creators how to build and establish their own online presence, scale on platforms like YouTube, Instagram & TikTok, and profit off their dreams of creating.

At ItsModernMillie, we strive to cultivate an environment where you can live the life you've always dreamed of and reach the potential that already exists inside of you. My mission is to guide you along the path of learning how to express yourself fully through your content, in the most straightforward and simple way possible - regardless of the platform or the medium.

 I’m Millie!

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Meet the Creators

I'm obsessed with helping people unlock the power of Notion to reach their goals.

In 2020, I founded Notionology, one of the first Notion agencies, while earning the exclusive title of Certified Consultant.

I’ve helped top clients worldwide transform their businesses and workflows. When I’m not working with clients I educate aspiring consultants through my Notion Consultants Course.

Collaborating with Millie to create the UGC Creator Bundle has been an incredible project. We've combined her extensive UGC knowledge with my Notion expertise to build a bundle that's specifically designed for creators like you.

I'm a firm believer that passion and effective systems are the keys to success. This combination has transformed my life, and I'm so excited to help you experience the same!

 I’m Molly!

Building simple systems for success is my jam,