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After spending 13+ years on YouTube, I’ve figured out how to create an optimized channel that generates traffic, builds my confidence on camera, and gets monetized so I can make a living on YouTube.

Whether you’re just getting started on YouTube or your current channel needs a little TLC, this workbook will walk you through everything you need to start and monetize your channel.

In this workbook, I teach you how I grew my current channel to 250,000 subscribers in only two years - and made $50,000 from YouTube Adsense in 2022.

But feel like you have no idea what you're doing when it comes to YouTube?

With The YouTube Starter Workbook, You’ll Receive…

I'm ready to Start my channel!

20+ page interactive workbook guiding you through building your channel and defining your content strategy.

YouTuber starter checklist with my personal recommendations for equipment.

My step-by-step process for keyword research and coming up with unlimited video ideas. 

And it’s my unshakeable belief that you deserve to pursue what brings you JOY.

I'm an online educator and YouTuber with an audience of over 650,000+ people world-wide. I teach aspiring content creators how to build and establish their own online presence, scale on platforms like YouTube, Instagram & TikTok, and profit off their dreams of creating.

At ItsModernMillie, we strive to cultivate an environment where you can live the life you've always dreamed of and reach the potential that already exists inside of you. My mission is to guide you along the path of learning how to express yourself fully through your content, in the most straightforward and simple way possible - regardless of the platform or the medium.

 I’m Millie!

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    Check out my YouTube channel for more videos!

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