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All the Juicy Social Media News From August

September 16, 2023

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Threads user count plummets.

Instagram is playing with a new update that I definitely never saw coming.

TikTok is finding new and fun ways to put ads in your face.

All this and more coming your way in today’s post. Grab your favorite snack and a warm cup of coffee and settle in. It’s time for our monthly rundown of social media news and trends!

Threads Ain’t Doin’ Too Hot

Last month, Meta’s highly anticipated Twitter competitor, Threads turned thousands of heads when it launched. But just a month later, the platform seems to be grappling with maintaining user retention.

Threads’ daily active user count has experienced a rather dramatic plummet. Market research firm Sensor Tower reports an 82% dip in Thread’s active daily users since its launch. That’s quite the fall from the spotlight, wouldn’t you say?

We all recall how Threads debuted with a promise of a new social experience with a mix of the tried-and-true and a hint of innovation. But it seems despite its promising start, Threads is struggling to keep users engaged.

The big question now is what this implies for Threads and for Meta.

Can Threads “thread” the needle and make a comeback? Or will this latest venture by Meta become another note in the tech world about the complexity of user retention?

What This Means for Creators

As we follow this unfolding drama, this serves as a reminder in our digital world that longevity in social media goes beyond a grand entrance.

It’s about resonating with users long-term.

And as a creator, it reminds us to make sure we own our audience. Not Instagram/Meta, not TikTok, not YouTube. But you.

So start an email list because you never know when a platform will lose its momentum or fall off the face of the earth (*cough* MySpace *cough* Vine). Just had to throw that in there because you all know how passionate I am about all Creators needing an email list.

Anyway. Back to Threads.

Threads Is Moving to the Web

But just like Zuck not shying away from a cage match with Elon, Meta is not one to go down without a fight.

They’ve taken the battle to another terrain – the web. Yes, Threads, initially a mobile-only platform, has launched a web version of the app. You can now navigate Threads on your laptops or desktops.

This shift undoubtedly expands the app’s availability and accessibility, addressing users who prefer a larger screen or simply find it more convenient to switch between work and social feeds on the same device.

But, as we mentioned earlier, this strategic change is coming at a time when Threads is in a delicate place. It’s clutching at its dwindling user base and desperately needs a new strategy to pay off.

While a web version does have its advantages and offers potential growth, the question remains whether it will be enough to revive Threads’ sinking ship.

We shall wait and see.

TikTok Is Doubling Down on Ads

Switching gears to the TikTok-verse, where things are about to get a bit more… ‘ad-venturous’. (See what I did there.)

TikTok is adding ads in search results. Yes, you heard it right. That’s the latest scoop as reported by The Verge.

TikTok, a hotbed of innovation for advertisers, is turning a new leaf in its book. And this leaf has ads written all over it. Now, when you dive into the TikTok search engine hunting for a coffee recipe or an engaging DIY craft, don’t be surprised when you see sponsored content waving at you.

While advertisers may be jazzed about this potential new avenue to reach audiences, how the TikTok community responds to this change remains to be seen.

Will viewers accept these new members partying along with organic content? Will the addition of ads alongside organic content in search pages lead to a harmonious blend or create dissonance between users and advertisers?

What This Means for Creators

One thing we should be thinking about as Creators is this could add a new dimension to our strategy.

While ads in search results may lead to better visibility for sponsored content, will it make the race for reach more of an uphill battle for Creators?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Something Good

Let’s pivot away from the ad-filled maneuvers of social media platforms and move into the realm of feel-good news. And the spotlight of positivity today shines brightly on the queen of surprise songs and meaningful lyrics – Taylor Swift.

In a story that has us admiring her generous spirit, Taylor is making waves not for a chart-topping single, but for a grand act of kindness rippling through her massive tour crew. When I say ‘grand’, I mean a hundred grand!

Yup, Taylor shelled out $100,000 bonuses to truck drivers and crew members working tirelessly to bring her music to life on the Eras Tour, as reported by CBS News.

While our social feeds are often peppered with tales of extravagant celebrity lifestyles, Taylor Swift used her platform and fortune to give a deserving nod to the often unsung heroes of her successful shows.

These crew members, including truck drivers who transport her elaborate show sets from city to city, have the demanding task of turning an empty stage into a dreamy realm for Swifties across the globe. And surely, anyone who’s been to a Taylor Swift concert knows that her shows are nothing short of magical. This act of Swift’s generosity shines a spotlight on them, a swift thank you that goes a long way.

Trending Music in August

Let’s get into some of the trending songs we experienced this past month.

First up, is “Planet of the Bass”.

The retro-inspired “Planet of the Bass” is a TikTok song created by the duo Jedward (Kyle Gordon and Audrey Trullinger). This entertaining Eurodance parody is a flamboyant mix of `90s nostalgia and tongue-in-cheek humor.

Even better, the Jonas Brothers, who are currently on tour, brought the duo out on stage to perform “Planet of the Bass”, which left most of the audience confused. Turns out most of those in attendance weren’t on the meme train just yet.

Going back to our queen, Taylor Swift, another trending song was her famous song, “August”.

As the month of August came to a close, a lot of people were sharing their favorite moments from the month using “August” in the background. Now, it might be too late to jump on that trend, but maybe we can predict a similar trend for September?

Maybe, people will capture their favorite September memories with Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September”! You heard it here first, folks! You’re welcome.

Trending Memes in August

It seems there’s another fun, viral sensation making headway on TikTok – the “Where’s my dad? I’m all alone” meme. This snippet has been set to humorous scenarios involving individuals pretending to be lost in public places.

As you can see in the TikTok above, the meme traces back to Finding Nemo: The Musical, tying the heartstring-pulling refrain from one of its songs to comedic videos. This bizarre and nostalgic blend has been picked up by TikTok users, sparking a unique trend that uses comedic undertones to transform the sentiment of a child’s desolation into a viral sensation.

Watch the TikToks below for examples of how this trend is used and how you can use it for your content.

And, lastly, making a comeback this Summer after her successful debut album “Sour”, Olivia Rodrigo released the boppin’ single “bad idea right?”

Not only is the song trending as a TikTok sound, it also gave Instagram the opportunity to showcase their newest feature. That’s right, it’s time to give you the latest updates on all of your social media platforms.

But first, let me remind you all that the best way to stay up to date with weekly trends, is with Storyy’s Trend Recap newsletter. Signing up will keep you in the loop of which memes and audios are trending so you can use them in your content!

Plus, their Trend Report includes important platform updates, likely before I’m able to update you on the changes. So sign up to stay informed!

Okay, now back to Olivia and Instagram

Meta / Instagram Updates

Music On Carousels

On Instagram, sharing your favorite moments and music just got a lot easier. Partnering with Olivia Rodrigo, Instagram showcased music on photo carousels. Olivia used the opportunity to advertise her latest single “bad idea right?”

This new feature reminds me of something available on another platform… but Instagram has never copied features from anyone else before, right? 👀

Captions in Stories

Now for the update I truly didn’t see coming from Instagram.

They have been testing the ability to add captions to your stories. And I don’t mean closed captions/subtitles. I’m talking about the “Instagram captions” normally associated with in-feed posts.

I really don’t want to hate on Instagram, since everyone always does. I’m just trying to see why this is a thing. The only reason I could think is that it would look more like TikTok stories. So, I guess they’re copying them… again.

Speaking on TikTok.

TikTok Updates

The download button is back!

As of now, you can save a video you’ve recorded straight to your camera roll before you post it to TikTok.

And even better, the video will save without the watermark!

This used to be a feature they had back in the day, and while I’m not sure why they got rid of it, everyone is stoked they brought it back. This will make reposting content so much easier!

YouTube Updates

YouTube is bringing in features that echo some of the elements that have made TikTok so appealing. It’s all about YouTube’s ‘Shorts’, their answer to TikTok’s quick, engaging video content.

Shorts Collaboration

The big news YouTube released is that Shorts is now getting a collaboration feature. This means you can team up with others to create content, sort of like a duet on TikTok.

Adding to this, they’re rolling out ‘Shorts Replies’ letting creators interact with their audiences by crafting nugget-sized videos in response to comments.

Twitter / X Updates

Lastly, let’s talk about Twitter.

At the end of July, Elon Musk shared a chart showcasing Twitter… errr… X’s growing monthly user count.

After pursuing a full rebrand employing new policies at Twitter, Musk claims that X has never been better and is growing at a rapid pace.

Truth be told, the graph he posted is rather vague about the growth and sounds a lot like that meme of Obama giving Obama a medal. (IYKYK)  

But, if this is true, it looks like X is here to stay. Only time will tell if rebranding was a good move. 

What Are Your Thoughts?

I’m curious, which piece of news was most exciting to you? Got any burning thoughts or wild predictions for what’s up next? (And no, you can’t steal my prediction of “September” trending this month, that belongs to me!)

Drop your thoughts or questions in the comments!
And before you read another post of mine, don’t forget to sign up for Storyy’s weekly Trend Report and last but not least, follow your joy!

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