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The Best Creator Strategy: Be the First to Adapt to Change

October 30, 2023

Change is the only thing that’s constant.

If you’re hoping that Instagram (or any platform for that matter) will never change, you are only fooling yourself.

Platforms are always changing and always adapting. And that’s a good thing! You don’t want the platform you’re using for your business to be old news and fade away. A platform’s ability to change keeps it up-to-date so that you can rely on it for steady income or enjoyment.

So when your favorite platform implements a new feature, big or small, don’t resist.

Why You Need to Be a First Adapter

Yes. Let me reiterate the heading. You need to be a first adapter.

Now, why’s that?

When a platform, whether it be TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, etc., releases a new feature, they want to showcase it to as wide an audience as possible. And how do they do that? By prioritizing it in their algorithm and pushing the Creators that are actually using it.


The platform of TikTok may be the best example of adapting to change. Sure, it’s not a “feature” but it perfectly illustrated the importance of being an early adapter as a Content Creator.

TikTok was released in 2016 and with this, came a lot (and I mean a lot) of public ridicule. Its predecessors already failed (RIP Vine ✌️) and everyone already accessed video through YouTube and occasionally Instagram (though Instagram didn’t have a separate feature dedicated to video yet).

Despite the hundreds and thousands of YouTube videos dedicated to making fun of TikToks, the app prevailed along with its Creators.

As we all know, TikTok has spawned dozens and dozens of wildly successful Creators like the D’Amelio sisters and Bella Poarch.

TikTok is still spitting out successful Creators and viral stars like it’s nothing, but none compared to the early adapters we still know and love to this day.

YouTube Shorts

YouTube was the next to adopt the short-form video craze, releasing YouTube Shorts in 2020.

Clearly, YouTube Creators had a difficult time adapting to this change since they were the first ones to criticize TikTok. But there were plenty of YouTubers who saw it as a huge opportunity for their channel.

And those Creators were the first to see success. With fewer people posting to Shorts and YouTube pushing Shorts content like crazy, many channels saw growth like never before.

There are now YouTubers that have a following primarily from Shorts, thanks to adapting to the change so early and quickly.

Instagram Reels

Instagram was the last platform to adopt an in-app short-form video feature, but they still released Instagram Reels in 2021.

And a lot of Creators were resistant.

I mean, why would a photo-sharing app have the audacity to add video content? Everyone else is already doing it! And not only that, they pushed heavily into video, as admitted by Adam Moserri.

Despite the complaints and resistance, Instagram kept pushing Reels. And though there were resistors, there were also adapters. And those adapters saw the fruit of Reels.

Channels that struggled to grow their reach and following saw huge success after adding Reels into their strategy. Then after Instagram found its groove with Reels and Creators established themselves on Reels, late adapters didn’t see as much success, although it’s absolutely still possible to grow on Reels.

Now, Reels is just an everyday part of everyone’s strategy. If it’s not part of yours, why not?

Adapt. Don’t Completely Change Direction

There are three ways to respond to change:

  1. Resist and no nothing
  2. Make that change your sole focus
  3. Add that change to your current strategy

The best way to react is with option 3.

We already went over 3 examples of why you shouldn’t completely resist change.

But if you do the complete opposite by dropping everything to adopt a change, you’ll be neglecting and ultimately losing your current audience that loves what you’re currently doing.

That’s why you need to keep your current strategy, all the while learning about new features and adding that wherever they fit.

That way, you nurture your current audience and attract a new one. Plus, if anything happens and a feature is removed, it won’t hurt you that bad since your eggs weren’t in that one basket.

It’s a win-win-win!

So, what are you waiting for? Get on the change-train and see just how rewarding the risk can be.

Follow your joy!

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