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Can AI Make an Entire YouTube Video for You?

June 30, 2023

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Ever wondered what would happen if an AI took over your YouTube channel?

As a YouTube Creator, I definitely have. It takes me an average of 3-5 hours to script each video. So naturally, I wondered, “What if ChatGPT scripted a YouTube video for me?”

We’ve gone over how to use ChatGPT as a Content Creator, but I never looked at how deep the AI rabbit hole goes.

But now I’m ready to dig.

Since I haven’t made an Instagram Tips video in a while, I prompted ChatGPT to:

“Script a YouTube video for this YouTube channel:

The video title will be ‘The BEST Instagram Hacks You Should Be Using To Grow FAST’. Have the script cover at least 5 of the best Instagram tips someone can use if they’re looking to grow quickly on Instagram”

All right, want to see the script? We’re just going to jump right into it and then after, I’ll give you my thoughts.

Full steam ahead! Lights, camera, action!

My Thoughts on AI-Generated Scripts

Well, wasn’t that something? Let’s talk about what just happened here.

First, if you’re confused because you’re new to ChatGPT or AI generative tools, check out HubSpot’s free 17-page workbook called, “Using Generative AI to Scale Your Content Operations“.

It’s the perfect resource for anyone interested in content marketing and overcoming creative blocks, which we all get. Plus, it includes the limitations of AI such as bias and plagiarism.

Pros of Using AI for YouTube

NOW! My thoughts.

First, regardless of whether the script as is was any good, the process absolutely improved my productivity. As I stated earlier, it takes me 3-5 hours to research and script my YouTube videos.

AI made one for me in 3 minutes.

ChatGPT creating an entire outline for me saves me a ton of time.

To that point, there was a study done by HubSpot’s Blog Research program, where they surveyed 1,350 US-based professionals to learn more about how AI is integrating into the workplace. They found that Marketers using generative AI save an average of at least three hours on each piece of content they make.

I can attest to that!

If I just used that copy as an outline or my first draft to a YouTube video, that EASILY just saved me 3 hours of work!

They also found that 63% of marketers using generative AI to make content say it performs better than content made without generative AI. Meanwhile, 89% say it improves the quality of their content and 83% say it helps them create significantly more content than they could without it.

Basically, AI has unlocked new levels of inspiration, conceptualization and imagination with content creation!

Cons of Using AI for YouTube

We have to point out two important things with this script.

Was it the most accurate? No.

Sure, it was a good outline with good, general tips, but it didn’t dive any deeper than that. It was all very surface-level and some of the more detailed information wasn’t accurate at all.

For example, ChatGPT referenced an Instagram account called @foodiedelights… but that account doesn’t even exist.

So, no. It’s not 100% accurate.

The script also mentions some growth strategies through collaborations like giveaways and shoutouts. Those are strategies I don’t always recommend, since it can come across as scammy.

Back to the research HubSpot did, they found that about half of marketers using generative AI say they’ve received information that they know is incorrect.

How to Use AI for Scripting

Would I have AI write entire copy for me again? No.

At least not without going in and changing things. Why?

  1. Accuracy
  2. Plagiarism
  3. It’s just not me!

And I’m not alone in this.

According to HubSpot’s research, only 5% of marketers use generative AI to write entire pieces of content for them. Additionally, “96% of marketers using generative AI to write copy say they usually make some level of edits to the text before it’s publish-ready.”

Before pressing “Publish”, be sure to double-check AI’s responses for accuracy and plagiarism.

Plus, when you make your own edits, you get to add in your voice, your jokes and your brand. That’s not something AI is capable of… at least not yet.

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