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4 Simple Steps to Define Your Brand

July 31, 2020

Defining your brand is exactly what will make you stand out among the saturation. Your brand is how your followers/clients perceive you. Setting the foundation and building your image as soon as you can, is going to help you build longevity in your business.

Defining your brand can be simple to do when you break it down into these 4 segments:

  1. Niche type: A nice is the foundation of what your content and business are built from and it’s best to only have one niche when you’re starting. Some niche examples include lifestyle, travel, food, sport, etc. With your niche type,  it is important to ask yourself “what kind of ____?” If you said a photographer? What kind of photographer? Portrait, landscape, product, commercial?

  2. Core Pillars: Your 5 brand pillars are going to represent the 5 topics you rotate talking about. What do you want to teach? What are you passionate about sharing with others? This is where you start asking yourself “What do I love sharing with others?” “ What do I want people to know me by?” “What am I knowledgeable in?” These topics are what build your business.

  3. Target Audience: A target audience is the group of people you want to reach and serve. Get real specific when asking yourself who your target audience is! How old are they? Male or female? What are their biggest pain points? etc.

  4. Mission Statement: You may have heard this as an “elevator pitch” because it’s a short statement that you can say to clearly describe your business in the time it takes to ride an elevator. An example of an elevator pitch would be “I’m a budget-friendly travel blogger teaching other Influencers how to travel the world without breaking the bank”

If you follow those four steps, they will give you a clear idea of the direction you should take your business and you will have a complete understanding of your brand!

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