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The Perfect Pitch Email for Brands

September 26, 2018

Pitching to brands…

Can you believe that we live in an era where brands are paying everyday people, like me and you, to post their products?! CAN IT GET MORE EXCITING THAN THIS?! Entrepreneurs everywhere are itching to get in on the “secret” for how to land endless brand deals. It’s like we are all Plankton trying to steal the Krabby Patty Secret Formula from Spongebob. Well, luckily for you I have the formula to share with you RIGHT NOW. Plus, when you read to the end, you can download my FREE email pitching templates!

Now, if you haven’t read last weeks blog about How to Work With Brands, I highly suggest that you skim through it before reading on. There are some important topics we cover in that blog that connect to this one and will increase your Pitching skills. Don’t worry, I will still be here when you get back!

Okay, ready to move on? Great! Without further ado, The Secret Formula for Pitching to Brands:

Ingredient #1: Complement the brand.

Start with a complement, or telling them something that you connect with when it comes to their brand or product. Why do you like them? What about their company stands out to you? Not only does this make them feel good but it immediately brings a personal connection to you and the company. On the flip side, if you can’t think of anything nice to say, then is that really a brand you want to be reaching out to?

Ingredient #2: Why you?

Briefly introduce yourself and tell them why you are the best person to partner with them. Now, this doesn’t mean it is time to start listing your demographics or brag about your number of followers. You can definitely talk about your followers here but more importantly how will your followers will connect with their message. Why is your audience going to LOVE them? Remember, you goal behind EVERY pitch should be about serving the brand and helping them reach their goals.

Ingredient #3: idea or solution

This is where the pitch can go one of two ways:
Option 1: With a general idea
Option 2: With a specific solution

Idea: This usually happens when you’re feeling inspired by the brand and know you want to create SOMETHING for them. If you have an idea in mind, this is your time to share it with them. If not, simply create a mood board on Canva of what you’d like to create and send that to them!

Solution: This helps explain what they will benefit from collaborating with you. What problem can you solve for them? For example, say you’re a fashion blogger and you know your followers respond really well to “How to style…” IGTV videos. Fall is around the corner and you’ve been waiting for your favorite brand to drop their fall collection of clothes. You can pitch to them suggesting you’ll create a “How to style sweaters for fall” video using their newest fall sweaters! This is perfect because it provides value to both the brand and your followers.

It doesn’t matter which option you go with, at the end of the day the overarching goal should not be for self-gain, but for mutual growth.

Ingredient #4: Wrap it up.

You don’t want to write them a novel! This pitch should be 3 paragraphs at the most. Leave them wondering more about you, don’t lay it all out. Thank them for their time…because mama taught us manners and we say thank you! Sign off with your best contact information and all the important links (Instagram, Blog, YouTube, etc.)

* * *

There you go everyone. There was the step-by-step walk through on how to write a perfect pitch to brands. It can definitely be intimidating at first but don’t give up or get discouraged.

The worst that could happen is someone will say no…and that’s not even that bad! Don’t be afraid of hearing “no” because that one “yes” will make all the no’s disappear.

Now with the combined tips you learned from last weeks blog and this weeks, you are a master when it comes to working with brands. As promised, click here to download free templates for turning down unpaid collaborations!

Now everyone, go out there and slay those pitch emails.

Follow your joy,

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