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Signs It’s Time To Quit Your 9-5

August 17, 2020

WHEN DO YOU KNOW “ITS TIME” TO LEAVE YOUR 9-5 FULL TIME JOB?!?⁣ ⁣We all want the easy answer, “now, do it now!” that’s why you’re wondering this right? Because you already want to leave. I know this because this is something I asked myself for two years before finally pulling the trigger.

Now, self-employed, I feel I am finally ready to share the major points that helped me decide it was finally time to leave my corporate job.⁣ ⁣


For me, I knew I didn’t want to struggle financially when I made the switch so this was an important factor to me. The month that I was able to match my corporate income with my blogger income, was the month I put in my notice. Okay so it wasn’t a 100% match, it was 85% match. BUT that was enough for me to say, “with the extra 40 hours a week I’ll have working for myself, I can definitely make that 100% match.”⁣ Plus, I had a good savings to dip into as a backup.

Now you want to ask yourself, when it comes to money, when will be the wisest time to say adios to that full-time gig? Do you want to have three months of rent saved up? Will you need to match your income? What is a realistic amount you can live off monthly without taking food off the table? With a solid financial plan written down, you’re already that much closer to putting in your two weeks.


Clarity on how to USE passion! It’s one thing to quit your job to pursue a passion. It’s another to quit your job to pursue a clear plan. ⁣Everyone wants to make a living doing what they love, but how are you actually going to do that? What does that look like for you? How can you actually make a consistent income?

So many people take that leap of faith too soon. They quit because they want to pursue acting, and then when they finish their last shift, they realize…oh shoot I have no idea what to do now. Imagine it’s your first day unemployed, what do you do? How are you making money IN THAT MOMENT? Within two weeks? Once I had a clear direction and made a plan, I felt confident leaving my corporate job⁣.


It’s not about “knowing” when it’s the right time, because your brain will look for any and every escape route. It’s about feeling out the timing.

The company I worked for was recently acquired and so the structure around the office started changing. Around this time, my personal business started generating a consistent income and a few new opportunities were offered to me. So it was really just a timing thing!

What’s holding you back from leaving your corporate job? Is it money? Routine? Fear? Whatever it is talk to someone you trust and get their input, you don’t have to struggle with the battle in your brain alone.

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