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Top Social Media Trends of October

November 25, 2023

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We just covered the biggest news of October, but what about the top trends?

We know everyone can anticipate Halloween-themed songs, dances and pranks to trend every October. But there was a lot more outside of spooky music that trended in October.

Trending Music in October

My Love Mine All Mine

The biggest song on Tiktok last month was Mitski’s, “My Love Mine All Mine” which continued into November at #2 on TikTok’s Viral 50 List.

Mitski is a Japanese-American singer, songwriter, and musician. Her latest album The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We was released last month. The single “My Love Mine All Mine” has exploded on Tiktok, with over 1.2 Million uses in just over a month.

I think the reason is that it’s the perfect fall vibes song. So if you’re creating cozy fall content moving forward through November until winter, I’d 1000% recommend using this song.


Next, we have,IT GIRL”, specifically the sped-up version from Aliyah’s Interlude. This song continued into November at #3 on the Viral Top 50 Music Chart and it’s… kinda catchy… not gonna line.

I think this whole year has been the year of “girl” eras. There have been “that girl,” “it girl,” “lazy girl,” “cozy girl,” etc. and this song is the perfect song for all “IT” girls.

Top Albums

For top albums of October, we have Drake’s album, For All The Dogs, which dropped in October and features artists like J Cole, SZA, 21 Savage, and Yeat to name a few.

And, of course, Taylor Swift released her 1989 (Taylor’s Version) album with a few songs from ‘The Vault’, understandably capturing the attention of all the Swifties.

Trending Memes in October

Dancing Skeleton

Let’s start off the top memes of October will the Dancing Skeleton.

If you didn’t see the dancing skeleton on your For You page, then who are you? Did you even go on TikTok in October?

Basically, it’s a filter of a skeleton dancing to “Kiss” from Prince and people are just filming it around their house. Sometimes it’d show up really big, other times really small.

Some users showed the skeleton giving them a lap dance from their perspective! It was just pure entertainment and humor for everyone.

Who’s That Wonderful Girl

A more recent meme that began trending toward the end of October is Who’s That Wonderful Girl.

This meme is from a snippet of a show called Nanalan’, a Canadian children’s television series created by Jamie Shannon and Jason Hopley. This specific cut was from Season 2 episode 9 which was released back in 2003.

In the snippet, it shows the characters dancing and singing, “Who’s that wonderful girl?” and the captions people are using with this song are just hilarious.

Here are a couple of TikTok for an example, since my descriptions wouldn’t do any justice.

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