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How to Create a Posting Cadence

October 16, 2023

Find Your Flow on Social Media.

DISCLAIMER: Links included in this post might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you! Thank you for supporting me so I can continue to provide you with free content each week on my blog and on my YouTube channel!

Today’s post is a continuation of a series I started on becoming a full-time Content Creator.

We already talked about the importance of starting with a niche (or as I referred to it, a “Crux”). Then I went over why you should create an email list.

Most previously, I went over whether or not you should post on multiple social media platforms.

So since you chose a platform to start, your next step is to figure out your posting cadence. Rather, how often should you post?

What is a Posting Cadence?

Cadence is a musical term that means a regular beat or rhythm.

When creating a posting cadence, you are going to figure out how often you want to be posting within a 30-day time period that you can realistically keep up with.

This is where you hear things like, “Be consistent!”, which typically results in a sea of eye-rolling. So in an attempt to avoid making your eyes roll, let’s go over what consistency in the context of social media even means.

Here are two definitions of the word ‘consistent’:

  • “acting or done in the same way over time
  • “unchanging in nature, standard, or effect over time

The key phrase here is “over time“. You need to be posting at a rate that you can realistically stick to over time.

Your consistency is not measured against anyone else’s consistency. It is weighed against yourself.

If posting every day is unrealistic for you, then don’t do it!

For Instagram or TikTok creators, consider posting three times a week if you have to. YouTube creators can get away with once a week or longer. The bottom line is to create a schedule you can commit to for a 6 month period.

How You Can Actually Be Consistent

Now that you know your posting cadence and how often you’re going to post, how do you actually start being consistent?

This can be done with a simple three-step strategy. And before I share that, let me say that it’s okay to take a break from your current strategy to create your NEW strategy.

Whatever strategy you’re doing now on Instagram, TikTok or YouTube, I promise that stopping it to create a new strategy will not break your success. It may just make your success.

Here’s your strategy for consistency:

  1. Pick a cadence (I won’t have a dedicated section for that here, since we just went over picking a cadence. So refer to the previous section for this.)
  2. Figure out your content types
  3. Batch

Figuring Out Your Content Types

What do I mean by “content types”? By content types, I mean whether you plan on creating posts, graphics, videos, etc.

Why is this important?

Because depending on the platform you choose to start in, there are so many options on what kind of content you’ll be sharing.

If you’re posting to Instagram, you have Stories, Reels, In-feed posts, Carousels, Live, Threads… the list seems endless.

With so many options for Instagram, it can be a daunting task to find where to start. So pick which types you can fit into the cadence you picked out. Keep in mind that there’s no pressure to start out with every type immediately. Ease into them if you need to!

If you’re posting to YouTube, will you be making long-form content or short-form? Will you be live-streaming?

Again, just like with Instagram, pick which type you prefer to make and get it to fit with your cadence.

As for TikTok, there really is only one type of content for now. Vertical videos of any length up to 10 minutes. Regardless, use this type with your chosen cadence.

Batching Content

I talk a lot about batching content on my blog and on YouTube. If you need a refresher, I go over batching in my How To Grow Fast on TikTok post.

In short, batching is planning, creating and scheduling all your content in advance.

Here’s a contextualized example of how batching works after 1. picking a platform, 2. finding your posting cadence and 3. choosing a content type:

Let’s say you chose to post on Instagram (platform✅). If you want to post three times a week (cadence✅), and there are four weeks in a month, that means you will post 12 times in one month.

Break that down even further! What type of content (content types✅) will that be?

  • Four reels
  • Four photos of you
  • Four graphics

Now batch-create the content (batching✅).

Spend one day finding four pictures in your camera roll to post and write captions for each one. Easy enough, right? And to make it even easier, you can use my 100+ Caption Ideas PDF to help write those captions!

Spend the next day filming four Reels.

Spend a third day creating 4 graphics (including carousels if you’d like!) on Canva.

You spent a total of three days creating content and you now have one entire month of content ready to post and schedule on Metricool (or wherever else you want to schedule).

Leave Room for Creativity

A great benefit to batch-creating content is it leaves you with so much time and bandwidth to view your analytics, gather insight and make changes when needed.

For example, if your chosen platform is TikTok, a lot of your content will be reliant on trends. But you can’t account for trends a month in advance or post a trending song a month after its peak.

With content already being scheduled and you not worrying about making a new post every day, you have the time to notice trends and make a quick TikTok to hop on that trend. If that’s the case, then you just shift your scheduled posts out a bit later or keep everything as scheduled.

It’s up to you!

Don’t be too regimented with your cadence. Leave room for your creative genius to come out.

I dive deeper into this and the different forms of content you can create in my How To Reach Your First 1000 Subscribers post. So check that out when you get into your “creation” step of posting.

Now, get to creating! And let me know what tips you like, any questions you have or any additional thoughts you want to leave. I’m always happy to read what you have to say.

Follow your joy!

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