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Do You Need a Niche to Grow on Social Media?

April 28, 2023

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We need to talk about a question I get asked very often.

“Do you need to pick a niche?”

Whether you’ve asked this question or not, I’m sure you want to know now. Do you need to pick a niche in order to grow on social media?

Well, some of you may not like my answer.

If you want to see rapid growth, yes. You need to niche down.

Let’s talk about why you need to niche down and how to pick a niche for each platform.

Niching Down on Instagram

Here’s an article directly from Instagram about how their algorithm works. If you’re a regular viewer of my YouTube channel, you’ve already seen this.

Instagram’s algorithm creates account-based embeddings to help refer and spread your content to the right people. That means they customize your account in a specific industry or niche.

When you niche down, you’re helping Instagram even further push your content to the right people.

So, if you’re a multi-passionate creator posting about fashion, home decor, food and health, Instagram won’t know how to categorize you. Instagram’s algorithm isn’t created to categorize one person into all those different categories.

Therefore, your post won’t reach as many people as it should, or it will reach a lot of people who won’t connect or engage with your content. Either way, it’s a lose-lose.

Do you need to niche down on Instagram?


That’s just the way they were created.

Niching Down on TikTok

Now, do you need to niche down on TikTok?

No, actually. You don’t.

Will niching down help you grow on TikTok?


Niching down will always help you because it makes it easier for any algorithm to understand who you are, what you post about and who to push your content to.

Why don’t you need to niche down on TikTok?

With TikTok’s algorithm, they study each individual video as opposed to doing account-based embeddings. TikTok will push your video out to the right people based on the topic on that video, regardless of what you posted yesterday.

TikTok has the “loosest” algorithm, where you don’t have to niche down in order to see success. That’s why you see a lot of lifestyle creators seeing great success on TikTok.

That Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Need a Strategy

Now, don’t hear what I’m not saying. If your goal is to see growth, you can’t be lazy with your TikTok strategy. You can’t just post whatever you want, whenever you want with no strategy in mind.

Don’t discount strategy. All I’m saying is needing a niche doesn’t need to take up all of your strategy bandwidth.

When I did my 30-Day TikTok Challenge, I posted every day for 30 days in a specific niche, and I saw a lot of growth. Since then, I haven’t been as consistent with my niche and my growth isn’t as rapid, but there’s still steady growth.

Slow growth of a loyal community can be so much more powerful than one video that goes viral and getting a bunch of followers that won’t even remember you after that one video.

But let me reiterate, if your goal is to see rapid growth, niching down will play a part in that.

Now, there is a unique way you can niche down without niching down.

Let me explain.

Niching Down on YouTube

YouTube is the platform that combines “picking a niche” and “not picking a niche”.

What it comes down to is what makes you unique.

Yes, you can find a niche on YouTube, pick out your content pillars and nail a strategy to help you grow on YouTube.

Everyone’s advice on YouTube is, “If you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no one.”

But that’s not the only way to niche down.

Don’t Just Pick a Niche; Be the Niche

You can focus on your unique perspective and you as a person. Because on YouTube, people subscribe to you. They don’t subscribe to a niche.

If you are someone who’s passionate about fitness, fashion, home improvements and shopping on Amazon, you approach those different topics from your unique perspective.

Let’s say you’re a student. All your videos will be from that perspective. So, instead of making the millionth “Amazon Fashion” video, you can make, “Amazon Fashion Under $20 for College Students.”

Instead of the billionth “Home Decor” video, you can make, “Rent-Friendly Dorm Renovations for College Students Living On Campus.”

How do you incorporate fitness into your life as a full-time college student?

Make videos on those topics because that’s who you are. With this strategy, you’re able to still make content in multiple categories that you love, while still etching yourself into a unique niche.

(Plus, with titles like those, you’re adding SEO into your YouTube strategy. Understanding SEO is important no matter what platform you’re on and focusing on keywords can be powerful for your overall growth on social media.)

We’re More Than a Niche: Social Media Is Noticing

As individuals and aspiring Content Creators or Influencers, we are so much more than just a “niche”.

We all have our own interests and passions.

And social media is starting to expand into that. As we just went over, TikTok’s and YouTube’s algorithms notice our multi-passionate nature.

People are able to share more about their life than just a niche or topic.

Personally, I’ve found myself stuck in that “niche” box, especially on YouTube. I feel like everybody knew me as the “Instagram Girl” because I listened to those tips saying, you have to niche down.

It burnt me out. I knew I was so much more than “that Instagram Girl”.

And don’t get me wrong. I know it’s meant as a compliment and I’m so grateful to my roots that got me to where I’m at and where I’m headed. But I still felt stuck and knew I had more to offer to my audience.

Niching down is fantastic and great for growth. As you’ve already read, I still recommend that as a strategy. But you don’t have to put yourself in a box if it doesn’t truly resonate with who you are.

That was my biggest mistake.

Niche Down, But Don’t Niche Long

I niched down for too long.

Niching down in the beginning was great. That’s what helped my channel blow up. Once I started to see traction, I should’ve started posting more casual videos.

I could’ve posted one Day In The Life vlog every month. Something more casual and more Millie than just Instagram tips and updates.

I was too scared to niche out as I was growing my channel.

So, learn from my mistakes. You don’t have to put yourself in a box if you don’t want to. If you love being topically consistent and making all of your videos on one topic, that’s amazing. You’ll probably see so much success on whatever platform you choose.

But do that because you love to, not because you feel that you have to.

Finding Your Niche Without Getting Stuck

Play around with 2-3 niches. Create videos on those topics for a few weeks, maybe a few months, and see what feels true to you.

Then go from there.

The bottom line is, don’t let “finding a niche” keep you from creating. If that’s what you want to do, then do it. You’ll figure it out as you go.

The Best Strategy for Content Creators: Start

At the end of the day, I believe in strategy.

I would not be where I am today without focusing on strategy and picking a niche, rotating content pillars, being consistent, adding value, all those tips and tricks.

They work. They’re all taught because they work.

If there’s something in the strategy part that’s stopping you from making progress and pursuing your dreams, you just need to say, “Screw it!”

Be okay with not being perfect. It’s okay to start somewhere and not start perfect. I sure as heck didn’t.

Take messy action and post something

When you become more familiar with posting and dabbling in a few different niches, you’ll slowly find who you are as a Content Creator.

You’ll find your groove. You’ll find your community.

Do your future self the favor of starting today.

And follow your joy.

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